Problem Situation

For traditional Kitchen order management. People use to convey order meals by handwritten receipt. Handwritten receipt in addition to time-consuming. More likely to cause a meal error because the record is incorrect. For large restaurants, the need for a single site to specialize in the division of food is a basic requirement. If you use handwritten receipt management, it will cause a considerable burden.


Kitchen Management-Receipt Print

If Customer decide to use order management system. First they need to input the meal data. And specify the print station of the meal. Then we can put POS terminal and thermal printer in the same pool by Ethernet. When POS terminal finish order. The meal details will be printed on different printer according to the set grouping.

Cashier area

After ordering, the cash box will automatically jump out and print out the statement and the beverage group receipt from the stand-alone machine.

Kitchen area

After the 15~20m network route is connected through the hub, the meal group document is printed out from the kitchen machine.

Practical operation

When POS terminal finish order, system will split data according to system setting. And print to the designation print station. Make the chefs at the station only see the items they need to make and improve the efficiency of the kitchen operation.